Published: 13 September, 2022

Update to the profession: Consent orders forms updated

The Chief Justice has approved changes to the following Court forms:

  • Application for Consent Orders, and
  • Annexure to Proposed Consent Parenting Order (Current Case).

These forms have been amended in consultation with the Courts’ Family Violence Committee as part of the Courts’ commitment to improving and refining its processes.

The Annexure to Proposed Consent Parenting Order (Current Case) has been significantly updated. The changes to the Application for Consent Orders include the jurisdiction question moving from Part F to Part A, and extensive updates to question 25 regarding risk of abuse, neglect or family violence.

The new version numbers are 0922V1 and the forms are now available on the website:

Previous versions of these forms, numbered 0921V1, will be accepted until Friday 23 December 2022.