Family law: Conciliation

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A conciliator, who is independent from the parties, will help you and the other party/ies resolve financial issues arising from separation or divorce.  

Conciliation Conferences within the Court are conducted by a judicial registrar in financial matters. At the conference, the judicial registrar will look at the case from both sides and help you explore options for settling your case without any further legal action.  

A judicial registrar cannot give legal advice, however they can talk with you about the legal principles that are applied when deciding cases. Agreements reached at a Conciliation Conference can be formalised by the judicial registrar and made into binding court orders. 

Prior to making an order of a Conciliation Conference, a judicial registrar will assist you to ensure all information necessary for you to make decisions at the conference (e.g. valuations and disclosures) is available prior to the conference.  

For more information see the factsheet Conciliation Conference.