Schools and family law orders

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When making family law orders, the Courts are often required to determine school-related issues such as which parent will collect the child/ren from school on certain days or which school the child/ren will attend. The Courts acknowledge that litigation about these issues can be stressful for families and children, and that the implementation of court orders has the potential to create challenges for schools (including kindergartens and childcare providers) and schools need to address the needs of children and parents in these difficult circumstances.

The first port of call for schools and families is to check whether the particular school already has an existing policy in dealing with parenting orders made by the Courts. Many schools engage specialist service providers for this purpose. While the Courts cannot provide schools with legal advice, the links below from the respective State and Territory Departments of Education may assist schools and families in better understanding what their obligations are in relation to family law orders.

The Courts continue to acknowledge the significant role schools play in supporting the children of families who may be in conflict.


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New South Wales

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Northern Territory

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South Australia

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State schools are referred to the Departmental Intranet for information about family law matters affecting State schools.