Security and conditions of entry policy

Safety and security

The Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia (the Court) takes safety and security on court premises very seriously. Everyone who attends the Court or works on its premises should be safe. If you have safety concerns about coming to court please contact staff to discuss what arrangements can be made in your circumstances.

If you have an urgent safety concern or you are aware of a threat to harm a person you should report it to police.

Condition of entry

It is a condition of entry to Commonwealth Court premises to undergo security screening. You and your belongings will be required to be screened, which may include a frisk search, bag search,  x-ray screening and you will be required to pass through a metal detector. If you are unable to walk through the detector due to a physical disability or medical implant please tell the security officer and they will assist you. Evidence of an implant may be required. Court security screening is very similar to security screening at airports.

At peak times some delays may occur. Please do not bring metal objects or dangerous items that will slow screening.

Dangerous items

Dangerous items including weapons are not permitted in the building. Dangerous items include knives, weapons, tools, box cutters, scissors, pressurised gas cans, inflammable liquids, needles, explosive substances, toxic substances or chemicals and items that could be used in a dangerous or threatening way.

Possession of prohibited items such as firearms, knives and weapons will result in police attendance.

Audio and visual recording devices

Unauthorised use of audio and visual recording and data storage or transmission devices are prohibited. Mobile phones may be used in public areas only. Mobile phones must be turned off before entering a courtroom. Photography is not permitted on court premises.


Alcohol is not to be brought into the Court premises.


The Court Security Act 2013 provides a range of offences including for the possession of dangerous items and harassing or intimidating behaviour on Court premises.


If you have any concerns about safety or security please contact staff or a security officer.

Security and Conditions of Entry

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Last Revised: August 2021