Affidavit of service

This form must be completed, once service is effected, by the person who served the documents.

The party who filed the document must then file the Affidavit of Service with the Court to prove service.

Filing with the Court

The Affidavit of Service should be filed with the Court online:

  • For family law proceedings, using the Commonwealth Courts Portal (see How do I eFile?)

TIP: If you are not registered for the Commonwealth Courts Portal or are registered but do not have access to your file electronically, we can provide your client details or assistance. Please complete the enquiry form for divorce or other family law.

In the form, you need to select:

> I am making an enquiry about myself
> Commonwealth Courts Portal support and registration
> then either:

  • I need to register for the Commonwealth Courts Portal, or
  • I am registered for the Commonwealth Courts Portal but can’t see my file

Please ensure you provide all the requested information. You should also provide your phone number in case we need to contact you.

At Step 3 please provide your file number, if known.

  • For general federal law or migration proceedings use eLodgment.

If for some reason you cannot file online, you can file at a Court registry.