Published: 09 November, 2021

Scam emails and letters

We have received reports that some people have received emails and letters purportedly sent from the Federal Circuit Court of Australia.

These letters relate to migration matters and outline asserted decisions of the Court. The correspondence attaches new invoice/tax invoice amounts and threatens cancellation of visa, application or court process if payment is not received. They include the Federal Circuit Court logo and appear to be signed by someone working for the Court. An example is below:

image of scam letter

These have not been sent by the Court and are fraudulent.

If you are not sure if it’s the Court contacting you, please contact us to check.

Do not click on any of links as they may contain viruses or malware and delete the item from your inbox and deleted items folder.

Please refer any suspicious correspondence to

Key indicators of scam emails and letters include:

  • The sender's email address contains typos or lacks a business domain.
  • Personal information such as login credentials is requested.
  • The email is poorly written.
  • Unsolicited attachments are included.
  • Links are included that redirect to an external website.