Published: 18 November, 2022

National webinars for the profession on the expansion of the Lighthouse model

Webinars are scheduled for 22 and 24 November that are designed to inform the family law profession about the how the expanded Lighthouse model and associated case management processes will work.

For details about the Lighthouse expansion see Update to the profession 3. You can view the webinars on our YouTube channel:

The expansion of Lighthouse commences on Monday 28 November 2022, and it is important for family law practitioners to be informed about the benefits to their clients.

The expanded Lighthouse model means that risk screening, triage and new case management processes (including the Evatt List) will be:

  • available in 15 family law registries, increasing from 3 during the pilot period; and
  • offered to any party filing parenting only, and parenting and financial orders.

The Lighthouse model includes risk screening through Family DOORS Triage at the point of filing, triage of matters by a dedicated, specialised team with detailed knowledge in family violence and family safety risks, and differentiated case management including referrals for the highest risk matters to be placed on the Evatt List.

The Courts consider the legal profession’s role in this reform to be critical. Lighthouse represents an opportunity to ensure that your clients and their children get the best support possible, and can be guided, during one of the most difficult times in their lives, through the most effective and well-resourced pathways, adjusted to the needs of their case.