Published: 08 September, 2022

Update to the profession: family law practice direction updates

On 7 September 2022 two family law practice directions were updated.

Family Law Practice Direction – Divorce Proceedings was updated at paragraph 2.17 to clarify that if a party files an Application in a Proceeding in a divorce, such as an application seeking orders for substituted service or to dispense with service, they are required to attend the hearing unless excused by the presiding Registrar.

Family Law Practice Direction – National Contravention List was updated at paragraph 3.3 to make clear that the Respondent to a contravention application can say nothing in relation to the application, and also at paragraph 3.4 to more fully explain the allocation of a final hearing if required. If there are other proceedings in the matter that are listed for final hearing within approximately 12 weeks from the date the contravention application is ready to proceed, it will be listed to the docketed Judge for final hearing. In the event that an earlier separate listing is sought for the hearing of the contravention application, the applicant will be required to show cause to the Contravention Registrar as to why the matter should be listed for an earlier separate hearing.

Both updates are effective immediately.