How do I access my orders?

As part of our commitment to the Government’s digital continuity policy, the Court no longer posts hard copies of sealed orders, including divorce orders by mail.

Court orders (except appeals) are signed and sealed electronically and available to download from the Commonwealth Courts Portal (the Portal). The Portal provides users with secure web-based access to their court file and documents including divorce and court orders.

Note: Orders made on Appeal matters are not available via the Portal at this stage.

The following is a complete guide to registering for the Portal and accessing court orders, including divorce.

We can register you on the Portal and provide you with access to your electronic file. If you have already registered but do not have access to your electronic file, we can provide you with access. Email us on and provide your file number (if known), full name, date of birth and the name of the other party so we verify your identity and proceed with the registration and/or provide access to your electronic file.

NOTE: the registerme email address above is only for registration and access provision. If you have any questions about your orders, email

After registration you will receive an auto-generated email with your username and temporary password. You will be prompted to create a new password and accept the terms and conditions.

Once the registration process is finalised you will be able to print your orders. You will also receive an email with information about how to navigate through the Portal and print your orders. If you were already registered and we are providing access to your file, you will receive an email from us setting out how to navigate the Portal and print your orders.

If you are registered for the Portal, but are not linked to your file:

You will need your file number and client number. If you do not have your file number and/or client number contact us by Live chat or email and provide your full name, date of birth and the name of the other party, then see Link to your file after you are registered within the next topic below.

If you are registered for the Portal and linked to your file:

Log in to your Commonwealth Courts Portal account.

Under Additional options for this file, select List of orders:

Select View orders in the right hand column against the appropriate court date. Orders will open for viewing.

Note: You will be able to see the View orders button only if orders have been uploaded on to the court's database. Orders before 1 July 2017 are not always available to be viewed on the Portal.

If the orders are not available, you can request to view the file at the registry by sending the Request for file inspection form to the Registry to get a copy. 

If you wish to obtain a sealed copy of the orders, refer to the process - Application for sealed copy of orders.

Accessing divorce orders is different depending on where and when your divorce was granted. See: How do I prove I am divorced?