Request for File Inspection (Family Law only)

This form is used by a party or their lawyer or an Independent Children’s Lawyer to request access to view a file if they are unable to view the documents on the file via the Commonwealth Courts Portal.

Filing with the Court

If you are a party, their lawyer or an Independent Children’s Lawyer, this form should be eFiled on the Commonwealth Courts Portal if you are a party. For more information see, How do I eFile?. If for some reason you cannot eFile, you can file at a Court registry

TIP: If you are not registered on the Commonwealth Courts Portal or are registered but do not have access to your file electronically email with your full name, date of birth, name of the other party, file number (if known) and your portal user name if you are already registered so we can create your registration or provide access to your file.

Non-party request to inspect a family law file

If you are not a party, or one of the above, you must seek permission from the Court to view a file. A request must be made in writing, preferably by email, to the registry where the matter is being or was heard – for email or postal addresses see Court locations. If you are unsure of the location of the file, email the request to

The request must include the following information so the Court can consider your request:

  • Your name and why you say you have a proper interest in the case.
  • If you rely on a statutory power - the legislation relied upon.
  • What you intend to use the information for.
  • Whether you have tried to obtain the information from any other sources.
  • Whether you have contacted the parties to the matter for permission to inspect the file? If not, why not? If they have provided written consent, please provide a copy.
  • Proof of any claims made in relation to the request should be provided.      
  • Full names including middle names of the parties, if known.
  • Dates of birth of the parties, if available.

The Court will contact you to make arrangements to view the file.