Acknowledgment of service

This form is used to acknowledge that documents have been served.

Items 1 and 2 must be completed by the person serving the document before it is served.

The person serving documents by hand must give a copy of the documents and the Acknowledgment of Service to the person to be served. They must ask the person to be served to add in the date they were served and sign the Acknowledgment of Service at Part C. If the person to be served does not take the documents, the person serving may put it down in the presence of the person to be served and tell the person what it is.

The server must complete an Affidavit of Service, attach the Acknowledgment of Service and return the documents to the applicant.

Filing with the Court

Once the Acknowledgment of Service is returned to the applicant it must be filed. An Acknowledgment of Service can be filed on the Commonwealth Courts Portal (see How do I eFile? and go to the Affidavit and other supporting documents section) or at a Court registry.