Superannuation Information Kit

This form is used by an eligible person to request information from a superannuation fund when superannuation orders are sought in financial proceedings. An eligible person can be:

  • The member of the superannuation plan;
  • The spouse of the member;
  • A person who intends to enter into a superannuation agreement with the member.

This kit is used to request information from a superannuation fund if you are seeking superannuation splitting or flagging orders. It is important to contact the superannuation fund before you complete the form to see what their requirements are.

Finding the fund/s to make the request

If you are a party to a current proceeding seeking financial/property orders in the Court, and you are not sure which fund/s you need valuations from, you or your legal representative can apply directly to the Court to request your spouse, former spouse or de facto's superannuation information held by the Commissioner of Taxation.

The request for superannuation information must be made in the approved Superannuation Information Request form online using the Commonwealth Courts Portal. You must be part of a current property settlement proceeding to make a request. For more information see, Visibility of superannuation for property settlement proceedings.

Legal advice

To understand your legal rights and responsibilities you should obtain legal advice. A lawyer can explain how the law applies to your case and assist you to complete forms and lodge documents. The Court is unable to provide legal advice because to do so would seriously compromise its ability to impartially determine your case. There are several free services available. See Find a lawyer for more information.