Application for exemption of fees – financial hardship (family law)

Note: This form cannot be used for divorce applications

This form is used to apply for an exemption of paying fees if payment of a fee will cause you financial hardship and you are not eligible for a general exemption. To check whether you are eligible go to the Guideline for exemption of fees.

If you apply for an exemption of fees due to financial hardship, the Court will consider your application. If your application is rejected you will be notified and required to pay the full fee.

This form should be filed with the application where a fee was payable. If you eFile you will be required to upload the form at Step 2.

If you are paying an event based fee you can eFile the application on the Commonwealths Court Portal. For more information about eFiling see How do I eFile?.

Family Law (Fees) Regulations 2022 – Section 2.05