Application for consent orders – proposed orders template

(See Part 10.2 of the Family Law Rules 2021)

This template contains the proforma consent orders that are to be typed and filed with your Application for Consent Orders.

This template includes:

  • Cover sheet for the Consent Orders
  • First page for the Consent Orders
  • Format of Consent Orders (to follow first page of orders)
  • Certification of Consent Orders


  • The cover sheet and orders must be typed in full.
  • All parties, including the Independent Children’s Lawyer (if any) must sign each page of the consent orders. If there are more than two parties, add signing clauses for each additional party.
  • The details required on the cover sheets are enclosed in brackets e.g. «information»
  • This MUST be printed single-sided only if you are not eFiling.
  • The original signed Consent Orders must be included.
  • You must leave the dates on the cover sheet and first page of consent orders blank as these will be completed at the Court.
  • Remove all instructional brackets and text marked in red.
  • It is advised that you seek legal advice regarding the words used in the orders. It is important that you understand the meaning and effect of the orders you seek. Even if you have decided to make your application without the help of a lawyer, you should obtain independent legal advice about the effect and consequences of the orders you propose and signing of the Statement of Truth.

Court staff can help you with questions about forms and court processes, but cannot give you legal advice.

Authorised by the Chief Justice/Chief Judge pursuant to Rule 15.21