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Family law
Divorce, separation, children, property and other family law matters.
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Migration law
The Court can review some decisions made under the Migration Act 1958.
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General federal law
Bankruptcy, fair work, human rights, consumer, admiralty, administrative and IP.

Attending court

Helpful videos

You can separate smarter
Did you know, you don’t need to argue? If it is safe to do so, there is a better way to separate. You can take ownership of your dispute. This video provides tips on how to separate smarter - whether you agree or partially agree, perhaps you can’t agree at all.
3:45 min
What to expect when attending a court hearing
An introduction and guide to the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia. This video shares tips to help you understand what to expect if you have to attend a court hearing, whether in person or electronically.
4:19 min
A new court structure
This video guides you through what has changed and what you can expect from the new court system following the amalgamation of the Family Court of Australia and the Federal Circuit Court of Australia. Our host shares where you can find information such as New Forms, New Rules and New Practice Directions via the New FCFCOA Website.
2:36 min
09 June, 2022

AG's Media Release: Appointment to the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia (Division 1)

The Hon Mark Dreyfus QC MP is pleased to announce that Mr Michael Berry SC has been appointed as a judge of the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia (FCFC) (Division 1) as a result of his appointment as a judge of the Family Court of Western Australia (FCWA) on 7 June 2022.

03 June, 2022

Media Release: New family law Critical Incident List to help make arrangements for children during a time of crisis

The Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia has established a fast-tracked process to help families who need to make appropriate arrangements for children where no parent is available as a result of death, critical injury, or incarceration relating to family violence.