Intellectual property: I have been served

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If you have been served you should read the application as soon as possible. The person who filed the application with the Court is known as the applicant and you (as the other party) are known as the respondent.

All intellectual property matters filed in the Court are docketed in the National IP List and case managed by the IP List judge.

Court appearances are managed by video link or telephone link when parties or their representatives are in differing locations. For more information about attending court this way see Electronic hearings.

You should file and serve a Notice of address for service, and a Respondent's Genuine steps statement if the applicant filed a genuine steps statement. You must appear at the first court date.

At the first court date, the Court will make orders about the procedural steps to be taken.

Typically, these orders are to file a defence or points of defence, and affidavits. Where a concise statement has been filed, you may be required to file a concise statement in response, which can be drafted in a narrative form.

The Court may order you to file and serve a Response - General Federal Law.

You may file a cross‑claim.