Request by a non-party for access to Court documents (General Federal Law and/or Migration)

The Commonwealth Courts Portal sets out basic details for many general federal law cases and some limited migration cases that have been filed in the FCFCOA (Division 2), such as the names of the parties and their legal representatives, the file number, hearing dates (past and future), orders and a list of all filed documents.

This form is to be used when a non-party is requesting access to General Federal Law and/or Migration Court documents pursuant to the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia (Division 2) (General Federal Law) Rules 2021.

NOTE: It is important you read the information about making a request at Non-party request to inspect a general federal law or migration file before completing the form.

In the FCFCOA (Division 2), fees are payable. Photocopy charges may also apply. See, General Federal Law fees page for the current fees.

Filing with the Court

Applications are to be made by email to the relevant filing registry location: