Application for exemption from paying Court fees or reduction - financial hardship (general federal law)

For approval for a court fee to be exempted or reduced, you will need to show that your income, day-to-day living expenses, liabilities and assets are at such that payment of the fee would cause you financial hardship. Depending on your circumstances, this might be brief. Where possible provide documentary evidence to support general claims (for example a letter from a charitable organisation to verify that its assistance is your sole means of support).

If you are applying for an exemption or reduction of a filing fee, then this form must be lodged at the same time as the document on which that fee must be paid is lodged. If you are applying for the exemption of a setting-down or hearing fee, then this form must be lodged once the hearing date is set. Your hearing date will usually be set at either a court hearing or conference.

If your application for exemption of court fees relates to an existing proceeding, it will assist if you include the file number and file name (e.g. Smith v Commonwealth of Australia) in the fields at the top right hand corner of this page.

In considering your application the Registrar/Authorised Officer may ask you to provide additional documentary evidence to support your claims. In that case, your application will be returned to you with instructions in the ‘Notice of request for more information’ on page 5.

An exemption is valid only for the fee you are applying to have exempted.  If a further fee is payable you will need to apply again.