Application for exemption from paying Court fees - general (general federal law)

Use this form if:

  • you are receiving legal aid for your proceeding in the Federal Court or the Federal Circuit and Family Court from a State/Territory Legal Aid Office or an approved legal aid scheme or service (including an approved community legal centres); or
  • you are the primary cardholder of a Health Care Card, Pensioner Concession Card, Commonwealth Seniors Health Card or any other card that entitles you to Commonwealth health concessions (this does not extend to a dependant of the primary cardholder), or
  • you are an inmate of a prison or otherwise detained in a public institution, or
  • you are younger than 18, or
  • you are receiving youth allowance or Austudy payments or Abstudy benefits, or
  • you have been granted assistance under Part 11 of the Native Title Act 1993 for your proceeding in the Federal Court.

Information about approved legal aid schemes and services can be found on both Courts websites on their ‘fee exemption’ webpages. If you are unsure whether the legal aid scheme or service you are receiving assistance from is approved, ask registry staff for assistance.

When returning your completed application form to the registry you will need to attach photocopies of documentary evidence of any of the above (such as your Health Care Card, Legal Aid or legal assistance provider letter or Native Title funding letter) to support your claim. Photocopy both sides of the card or other document if it has writing on both sides. If more supporting information is required the Registry will contact you.

If you do not qualify for any of the above, you may be able to apply for individual fees to be exempted on the basis of financial hardship. Ask registry staff for the appropriate form and guidelines.

You must notify the Court Registry if there is any change to your circumstances that alter the information given in this application while the Court is dealing with your case.