Central Migration Docket

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The Central Migration Docket (CMD) operates in Division 2 of the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia (the Court) and is a way to ensure the efficient and centralised case management of migration applications on a national basis before they are allocated to a judge.

After a migration application has been accepted for filing, it is assigned to the CMD. The matter remains in the CMD and is case managed by a migration judicial registrar until it is allocated to a judge who will hear and determine the case, and deliver judgment.

The CMD enables interlocutory and case management work to be done by a judicial registrar, rather than a judge, which then provides more time for the judges to hear and determine migration cases.

The CMD allows the Court to put measures in place to ensure judicial resources can be allocated to the locations that may be experiencing higher levels of migration filings or pending cases. The CMD also enables the Court to identify cases requiring expedition and cohorts of similar cases so as to manage those identified cases appropriately on a national basis.

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