Party category information

Notice to applicant

This form must be completed on the first occasion you file a document in your proceeding on which a fee is payable or at any time later if the Court requests it so the Court can assess the correct fee rate which applies to you.

Under the Federal Court and Federal Circuit and Family Court Regulations 2022, different rates apply for filing, setting down, hearing and some other fees depending on the type of document or hearing and whether the party liable to pay that fee is:

  • a publicly listed company;
  • a corporation;
  • a public authority;
  • a small business, a not-for-profit association, an individual or any other case.

You can find information about the definitions used in the Regulation for each of these party categories on the next page.

More information about party categories is available on the Federal Court’s website at, the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia’s website at or by asking Registry staff.

The completed form must be signed by you (if the party is a publicly listed company, a corporation, public authority, small business or not-for-profit association please include your name and the office you hold) or by your lawyer acting on your instructions.

If a party is made up of different bodies or persons, then the highest rate of fee which can apply is payable.  In that case you only need to complete this form for the body that will be paying the highest rate.  If in doubt, complete a form for each body or person and the Court will make the appropriate assessment.

You must notify the Court Registry if there is any change to your circumstances that alters your party category while the Court is dealing with your case.