Finances and property: Special lists

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The Court offers special lists (case management) for financial only proceedings that meet certain requirements. These lists aim to help parties settle any issues in dispute in a timely manner and at less cost.

Priority Property Pools

The Court offers expedited short-form hearings for property settlement cases where the net value of the property to be divided (the ‘property pool’) is under $500,000. This is called the PPP500 list.

With the consent of all parties, a PPP500 case may proceed without the usual court formalities. This type of hearing is known as a 'short-form expedited hearing'.

A short-form expedited hearing is:

  • flexible so that it can meet the needs of your particular situation
  • anticipated to be less costly compared to traditional trials, and will save you time in court
  • inclusive, insofar as your involvement in the process, and
  • less formal than is usually the case in a court.

The judge, rather than the parties or their lawyers, decides what information is put before the Court, and how the hearing is run.

For more information about the PPP500 list, see Innovations – PPP500