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Family law
Divorce, separation, children, property and other family law matters.
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Migration law
The Court can review some decisions made under the Migration Act 1958.
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General federal law
Bankruptcy, fair work, human rights, consumer, admiralty, administrative and IP.

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Helpful videos

22 August, 2023

Media release: The Courts launch short films about family violence and how the voice of the child is heard in parenting cases

Today, the Courts officially launched three animated short films that will help educate the public about: What is family violence in family law cases?, How is the voice of the child heard? and How does the court process work for parenting cases?
The Courts’ new films build on the existing online resources developed by the Courts in 2021 which focused on how to ‘separate smarter’.

28 July, 2023

Media release: One of Australia’s leading family violence experts appointed to the FCFCOA as Director - Family Violence and Indigenous Programs

The Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia (Division 1) and (Division 2) (the Courts) enthusiastically welcome Ms Hayley Foster to continue the Courts’ progressive work in risk identification and providing better support to separating families who have been impacted by family violence.